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Taijiquan - Chen Style

Health, Inner Strength, Self-Defence

The Chen style was developed by Chen Wangting, a general of the Ming Dynasty in the 17th Century, and developed and passed down through generations within the Chen family. It combines the principles of the internal energy system (yin yang principle) with elements of martial arts training into a coherent system. The individual elements of the training system build on each other, and students learn gradually at their own pace.

The system includes the following modules:

The Standing Post is the fundamental basis of the system. It gives the body outer and inner structure.

The Silk exercises are the Qigong of Chen Taijiquan. Spiral movements, built on the Yin Yang principle, produce and direct the flow of Qi energy.

Hand forms are sequential movements flowing into each other. A characteristic of Chen style is the changing rhythm of soft and dynamic, slow and fast, with powerful, explosive movements.

Weapons forms refine the body control. The weapon is integrated into the movement like a part of the body.

Pushing Hands is an exercise that helps students to develop awareness of their own energy flow and also that of their partner.

Meditation brings peace and deepens learning.

At the Heidelberg Taijiquan school we teach the 19-form according to Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang and all the other styles underlying the Laojia yilu form. Further work on pushing hands and weapons forms is also available in weekend seminars.

Excerpt from Small Catch and Hit