Bamboo and Orchids

About Me

I have practised the traditional long form of Yang style taijiquan since 1991. In 2002 I founded the Heidelberg Tai Chi School. In 2005 I began training with Master Jan Silberstoff, and since then have focused on Chen style taijiquan.

I invest a lot of time in ongoing training, and my teachers have included:

1991-2005 International Tai Chi Chuan Association (ITCCA)

Master K. H. Chu / London

Since 2002, "Energy Arts"

Master Bruce Kumar Frantzis / USA

Since 2005, Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang

Chen Yingjun

WCTAG Master Jan Silberstorff / Hamburg

Harald Bundschuh / Bad Friedrichshall

Since 2006, "Wu Tang PCA"

Tina Zhang / New York

Since 2011, Master Kong Cheng / Beijing

Since 2017, Taiji Li

Dr. Li Xiaoqiu/Austria

Here I am practising, and later taking a class in our former hall in Hauptstrasse 37. Our new hall is now in Klingenteichstrasse 8 ...