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Earth Energy for Women

Earth Energy Qigong for women combines traditional Chinese medicine with elements of traditional internal martial arts. This medical Qigong was developed by Tina Zhang Chunna specifically for the female anatomy.

The exercise consists of a series of nine easy-to-learn sections. It awakens the feminine energy (earth energy) through gentle and graceful movements.

Earth Energy Qigong helps with fatigue and with high blood pressure, and can have a balancing effect on premenstrual symptoms and menopause.

Read more in an interview with Tina Zhang in Taiji and Qigong Journal.

Five Animal Frolic (Wu Qin Xi)

"Breathing fresh air, and copying the walk of the bear and the wing-stretching of a bird, bring a long life."

Zhuangzi (Taoist philosopher and poet 400 BC)

The most ancient qigong system practised today is from Hua Tuo (110-207 BC), known as the 'Father of Chinese medecine".

Inspired by the movements of five animals: tiger, deer, bear, monkey and crane, he devised a set of qigong exercises that imitate not only the movement but also the attitude and bearing of the animals: fierceness, grace, strength, flexibility and balance.

The posture movements are simple but elegant. The exercises are suitable for people of all age groups.

Eight Brocades (Ba Duan Jin)

Eight Brocades Qigong is an ancient traditional exercise to strengthen the body and reinforce wellbeing - it is also called the jewel of the Chinese health culture.

The eight elements of these qigong exercises make the breath calm and deep, strengthen joints and limbs, bolster the nervous and cardiovascular systems, and develop the sense of balance and proprioception. The natural way to serenity and inner strength is established.